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Rings of Power: have the Harfoots met the Ents?

Rings of Power: Have the Harfoots met the Ents? From Sadoc Burrows' comments, they might have done. But it isn't that straightforward.

Rings of Power: Have the Harfoots met the ents? Treebeard in the Lord of the Rings

Have the Harfoots met the Ents? It seems that every episode of the new fantasy series Rings of Power raises as many questions as it answers. One of the big ones this week was to do with the Harfoots. The story of the Harfoots advanced a lot in the most recent episode, when they split up from The Stranger, and then are confronted by the white cloaks.

Amid all the action, Sadoc Burrows dropped a major reveal. The Harfoot leader made reference to “talking trees” when speaking to Nori Brandyfoot. Of course, as the audience, we know that Burrows is talking about the famous Ents. So does that mean that the Harfoots have met the Ents?

Have the Harfoots met the Ents?

Sadoc Burrows’ comment is certainly eyebrow-raising. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these Harfoots have met the Ents. The walking, talking trees are, after all, the stuff of legend, and even if Sadoc Burrows hadn’t met them himself, he probably would know about Ents.

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This is especially the case because the Harfoots are a wandering race of Hobbits, so they will have seen a lot of wonderful and curious creatures (perhaps even evil ones likes orcs or werewolves) throughout their history, and those sightings will have been passed down through stories and tales.

That said, you can’t completely rule out the possibility that the cautious Hobbit leader has met an Ent. This is because we have already, actually, seen Ents in Rings of Power. At the end of the very first episode in the series, as The Stranger was shooting down to the ground in a ball of fire, we caught a glimpse of a group of Ents watching the streak of fire blaze through the sky. We might have even got our first look at the elusive Entwives.

Rings of Power: have the harfoots met the ents: an ent attacking Isengard in Lord of the Rings

The joint history of the Hobbits and the Ents, of course, continues into the Third Age and the War of the Ring against Sauron. In the Lord of the Rings movies and novel, Merry and Pippin convince Treebeard to fight against Saruman, which ends up playing a vital role in the entire conflict.

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