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Nicolas Cage owns a tomb in a New Orleans cemetery because of course

Nicolas Cage bought a nine foot pyramid tomb in St Louis Cemetery No 1 in New Orleans, presumably for use after life, but who knows...

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage, who will soon be seen in Dracula movie Renfield, is known for several eccentricities. He has a best friend who is a cat called Merlin and a crow who swears at him. He was once bailed out of jail by Dog the Bounty Hunter. He once did shrooms with his other cat named Lewis. He once almost bought a cave that reminded him of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. And he did in fact buy a large tomb in the shape of pyramid that’s in New Orleans’ famous St. Louis Cemetery No 1.

There are several famous and much-visited cemeteries in the world, including Highgate in London, Pere Lachaise in Paris, and Hollywood Forever in Los Angeles. St. Louis Cemetery No 1 has around 100,000 visitors per year and is known for its above-ground tombs. New Orleans is known for its association with voodoo, and is a setting for many Southern Gothic movies such as Angel Heart and Interview with the Vampire.

Nicolas Cage has purchased a gleaming white, nine-foot pyramid inscribed with the Latin phrase “Omnia Ab Uno” (Everything from One), presumably because he wants to buried in New Orleans. However, with this being Nicolas Cage, the reasons could well be a lot weirder.

According to FrenchQuarter.com; “The gravesite has baffled news outlets worldwide, whose reporters have come up with many different conspiracy theories. Among them: Cage is a closet Voodoo practitioner; Cage has Illuminati ties; Cage is an immortal who will entomb himself for a century before re-emerging; Cage has stored his wealth in the tomb. Nobody really knows why he chose a tomb that’s so incongruous with its surroundings, but we do know it’s a very eye-catching construction, and that Cage evidently likes New Orleans a lot.”

According to Atlas Obscura; “Cage has a history with the city of New Orleans, having purchased both the infamously haunted LaLaurie Mansion and the historic Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel. Both properties were foreclosed on in 2009 after a tax debacle.”

Cage has seen an up-swing in his fortunes in recent years, making critically-acclaimed movies such as Mandy and Pig. He also starred The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, which poked fun at himself and some of his roles. He will soon be seen as Dracula in Renfield.

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