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She-Hulk: who is Hulk’s son?

Hulk fans will be celebrating, because after the finale of She-Hulk there are more Hulks in the MCU than ever before, but who is Hulk's son?

She-Hulk: Who is Hulk's son? Bruce Banner Smart Hulk in Avengers Endgame

Who is Hulk’s son? She-Hulk season one has come to an end. The finale of the Marvel series, like the titular superhero herself, was big and bold, and saw lots of returning MCU characters.

One of those characters was Bruce Banner. He made an appearance in the finale as Smart Hulk, temporarily showing up to fight with Abomination before Jen managed to break the MCU formula (literally). Then, the character showed up again right at the very end, during the Hulk family BBQ, where Matt Murdock was also in attendance.

It was then that Hulk decided to introduce his son. The young Hulk-ling had a striking appearance, and a bad haircut. But who is Hulk’s son?

Who is Hulk’s son?

Hulk’s son is called Skaar. At the family BBQ, he steps out from behind Hulk after Hulk explains his absence. In the comic book source material, the character is the son of, you guessed it, Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong.

She-Hulk: Who is Hulk's son? Hulk and Skaar in She-Hulk

Hulk explains that he’s been busy on Sakaar, which is where the character is when we see him in the comedy movie Thor: Ragnarok. This ties in with the reveal of his son because Skaar was born on Sakaar during Hulk’s Planet Hulk storyline. This could tease that we might see more Planet Hulk in the future. That has been something that fans have been eager for ever since the success of the superhero movie Thor: Ragnarok.

The introduction of Skaar also means that there are around five Hulks now in the MCU if you include Hulk King and the Abomination. There has to be an explanation for this glut of green, and it could be that the MCU is attempting to set up a World War Hulk storyline.

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Either way, it’ll certainly be interesting to see if Skaar will get his own story in the future or if he’ll be an important supporting character in future MCU action movies instead.

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