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Oscar Isaac says there’s “no official word” on Moon Knight season 2

Bad news Marvel fans! Oscar Isaac has confirmed that Moon Knight season 2 still isn't in the works and won't be filming anytime soon

Moon Knight standing in front of a crescent moon

Bad news MCU fans, it looks like the Marvel series Moon Knight won’t be returning anytime soon. In an interview with Collider, actor Oscar Isaac – who played the part of the titular superhero – shared a disappointing update about the status of the production.

Moon Knight was first released on the streaming service Disney Plus on March 2022 and followed the adventures of Marc Spector, who soon discovers that he is sharing a body with the Egyptian god Khonshu. In the first season, we saw the hero face a gang of cultists, but despite saving the day and ending all immediate threats, fans have been anxious for more content and another season of the TV series from Marvel. But it looks like our hopes have been put on hold for now, friends.

When asked if Moon Knight season 2 was “definitively happening” Isaac broke the devastating news that the fantasy series‘ follow-up hasn’t received the greenlight just yet.

“We can’t definitively say that. I need my teasing abilities. Can’t drain me of those. What a cock tease I am. Always been,” he said. “We’ll see what happens. But at the moment, there’s no official word.”

Unfortunately, the star also didn’t reveal if he has any sneaky Marvel appearances coming up next year as we move into Marvel Phase 5. As we all know, the studio loves a good cameo, but it seems that Isaac won’t be returning to any superhero movies in the IP either.

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“There’s nothing in the works,” Isaac said when asked what he will be filming in the future. “Moon Knight was so amazing, but also so incredibly draining. I just put every bit of myself into that. Every bit of output I could. That it’s just been a year of input, just taking stuff in as opposed to having to put anything out other than headphones. So at the moment, I’m going to do a play next year, and then we’ll see what happens after that.”

You can watch Moon Knight on Disney Plus now. For more action-packed series, here are our guides to She-Hulk season 2 and Ms Marvel season 2.