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Rings of Power cast share fan theories with each other in group chat

The Rings of Power has everyone talking and sharing theories, even the cast of Amazon's hit fantasy series can't help themselves when it comes to Tolkien

Rings of Power: Charles Edwards as an elf looking at a hammer

Amazon’s fantasy series, The Rings of Power, recently wrapped up its first season and ended with a bang. In episode 8, the TV series based on JRR Tolkien’s famous work gave fans plenty of answers regarding mysterious character identities (we are looking at you, Sauron), and juicy Middle-earth lore. Warning minor spoilers ahead!

But even with some points such as The Stranger’s identity as a wizard and Halbrand’s true form as Sauron addressed in its finale, that hasn’t stopped the fandom, or even the cast of The Rings of Power, from sharing more theories about the latest adaptation of Tolkien’s world. During an interview with Collider, Charles Edwards, who plays the Lord of the Rings character Celebrimbor revealed that the cast of The Rings of Power like to keep an eye on the public’s reaction to the story via a WhatsApp group.

“I don’t delve particularly online. I skim the sort of latest, but I don’t, I’m not active, particularly on social media, so I don’t go looking,” Edwards explained. “But there’s a lot of chat on the cast WhatsApp group about the latest theories. And so some of which are… but I do love, if I’m simply an audience member, I really enjoy engaging in that kind of thing.”

Edwards went on to explain how the cast likes to share the theories from obvious Tolkien experts that go deep into analysing the show and the lore of Middle-earth.

“But I’ve been very interested about various people’s theories, but theories that come from well-versed people who are really into it. Great. I love that,” he said. “And people who are really noticing little Easter eggs and points and crumbs that have been left along the way to increase the mystery, then great. But yeah, there have been a few of them.”

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Amazon has already confirmed that The Rings of Power season 2 is on its way, with the series showrunners also confirming that the next chapter will be sticking more to the canon of Tolkien’s writing of the Second Age. With that in mind, we are sure that the group chat will be packed full with even more easter egg discoveries and theories from fans!

Currently, The Rings of Power season 2 is filming, and no release date has been confirmed just yet. While we wait for more details, here are our guides explaining Galadriel and Elrond in the Tolkien timeline.