Chucky did an incredible ad for the Child’s Play VHS

When it comes to famous horror movie dolls, no one does it quite like Chucky, as proven by this advert for the Child's Play VHS back in the '80s


There’s plenty of freaky horror movie dolls out there, but none are quite as fun as good old Chucky, are they? The crazy little guy certainly earned his status as the best scary toy in this advert for the ‘80s movie Child’s Play.

The slasher movie features Chucky, a creepy looking doll that comes to life and kills loads of people and he’s managed to bag himself plenty of sequels and TV series since. Not only is he incredibly violent, but he’s also pretty funny too. If his horror comedy movies weren’t proof enough for you, check out this promotional video from 1989.

The clip features the main man sitting behind a big desk acting like a Hollywood big-shot. I mean, to be fair, he pretty much is and always has been since the moment he hit the big screen.

Equipped with cool shades and a big fat cigar, Chucky boasts about how much money his movie has made and quotes famous critics like Roger Ebert in their praise for the thriller movie.

“I’m the king of horror,” Chucky claimed. We reckon the likes of Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger would have something to say about that. Now that’s a fight we’d pay to watch!

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“My reign of terror has just begun,” Chucky warns. Over 30 years later and his legacy still lives on, so maybe he was right. His last movie from 2019 didn’t get the best reviews, but his horror series has truly put him back in the game. Let’s see what Chucky season 2 has in store.

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