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Kevin Feige had just one problem with the She-Hulk finale

The Marvel series She-Hulk ended recently and MCU top dog Kevin Feige had one critique for the show's big fourth wall breaking finale

Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk

It’s been a while since an MCU product diverted from the formula of the superhero movie game, but the Marvel series She-Hulk well and truly carved out its own path. Turns out, Marvel boss Kevin Feige had just one criticism for the big finale to the TV series, and it’s a pretty trivial one.

The superhero comedy series has thrown up plenty of surprises along the way in terms of how it tells its story and the fourth wall breaking She-Hulk ending was no different. One particular highlight was the inclusion of a new MCU character, K.E.V.I.N the robot, who was based on the MCU movie overlord Kevin Feige himself.

In an interview with Marvel, the creator of the sci-fi series, Jessica Gao, explains how Feige was confused by one particular element of the finale and it comes down to the design of the K.E.V.I.N robot.

“I wrote in the script that when she sees this big AI machine, it’s wearing a little black baseball hat, a classic Kevin Feige-style black baseball hat,” Gao said. “When the [visual development team] was showing us different possible sketches of K.E.V.I.N., they were all wearing little hats. No matter what type of robot or machine it was, it was wearing a little black baseball hat on top.”

“[Human] Kevin said, ‘Well, that doesn’t make a lick of sense. Why would a robot wear a hat?’ I said, ‘That’s the part that doesn’t make sense to you, Kevin, that is the line of logic that you won’t cross, we have you represented as an AI brain that is controlling all of the Marvel Cinematic Universes, but the thing that you can’t get past is that it might have a hat on top of the machine?’ And he said, ‘Yeah,'” Gao added.

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In the end, a compromise was met, and the baseball cap was incorporated into the very structure of the AI machine. Of all the things in the crazy world of Marvel movies, a robot wearing a hat should be the least of Feige’s worries, but there you go.

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