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Next James Bond search won’t begin until at least 2023

Who is the next James Bond? Unfortunately, the search hasn't started yet for Daniel Craig's replacement, and will begin in 2023 at the earliest

Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time to Die

Fans of the James Bond movies have been clamouring for news about the next iteration of the world’s most famous spy. But, bad news: the search for the next James Bond won’t even begin until 2023 at the earliest.

No Time to Die was the latest instalment in the long running spy movie series and, (spoiler alert) it ended with the death of Daniel Craig’s James Bond. The series will be continuing, however, and a new actor will be taking on the role of James Bond in some form.

Now in a conversation with EW, Barbara Brocolli, who is the leading producer behind the James Bond series of thriller movies, has said that the search for the next 007 is a long way off. Brocolli said “We haven’t begun the hunt. We’re going to be sort of sitting down and trying to figure out where the Bond series is going to go, and we need to do that first, to get a sense of that, before we start casting for the role. So we’ll start thinking about that sometime next year.”

Brocolli’s comments reveal two important bits of news. Firstly, the team behind the action movies haven’t yet finalised their plans for next James Bond movie. This may come as a surprise, as many fans will have suspected that the team already knew where they going when they took the bold decision to blow up Daniel Craig.

Second, the search for James Bond has a way to go before it even gets started. This means that the next James Bond movie is likely to drop no sooner than 2025.

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Despite the search having not officially started, there are already plenty of opinions on who should be cast as the next James Bond. A popular option has been to cast an established actor, with common suggestions including names like Regé-Jean Page, or Henry Cavill, whose casting we would condone in pretty much any role. Others have said that the role should go to a woman; such as Ana de Armas or Lashana Lynch. Then, there’s also the potential for casting an lesser known, or unknown actor.

Whoever gets cast, the next James Bond movie is going to be one of the most important in the whole series. That’s a lot of pressure, and means that the team behind the movies will want to get their casting exactly spot on.

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