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She-Hulk: Hulk King explained

Hulk King explained: With the She-Hulk finale now behind us, we have the answers we've been looking for. Who is Hulk King, and what did he want?

Hulk King explained. The big finale of the latest Marvel series, She-Hulk answered pretty much every question that audiences have had about the series so far. It saw returning MCU characters from all across the universe, a cameo from Kevin Feige himself (well, sort of), and it ended with a nice set-up for Daredevil season 4 and She-Hulk season 2.

Another one of the mysteries that got resolved was that of Hulk King. The character, who isn’t in the Marvel comic books, had stolen Jen’s blood. But what did he want with it, and who even was he? Well, we’ve got the answer for who he is and what he wanted. Here’s everything you need to know about Hulk King explained.

Hulk King explained

The She-Hulk finale revealed the identity behind Hulk King, and it probably wasn’t what, or who, you expected. It was revealed that Hulk King was, in fact Todd. That’s right: not MODOK, not The Leader. Just Todd.

She-Hulk: Hulk King explained - Todd as Hulk King in SHe-Hulk

Todd was the Hulk King and the leader of the Intelligencia. Like so many superhero movie baddies, Todd is a billionaire. Previously, he had an infatuated interest in Jen and her superpowers and had even been on a date with her. But it turns out that the super-rich tech bro had his own sinister plans.

Todd stole Jen’s blood not so that he could kill her, as previously looked likely, but so that he could inject it into himself and fully become the Hulk King. This is what we see happen before the mega fourth wall break. He syringes the blood into himself and is transformed into a (let’s be honest, rather unimpressive) mini-Hulk. Certainly, his appearance wasn’t befitting of the title Hulk King.

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Todd ended up getting arrested, with Jen promising to pursue legal action against him for his villainy. All’s well that ends well. Or is it? Could we see the character return in Phase 5? Or could he return in She-Hulk season 2? For now, the story of Hulk King is over, but don’t be surprised if we see him again at some point in the future.

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