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Is Henry Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam?

The Rock's been promising his new action movie will upset the hierarchy of the DCEU and we all know what that means, Is Henry Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam?

Is Henry Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam?

Is Henry Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam? Dwayne Johnson has  been promising that his new DC movie will change the hierarchy of power in the DCEU forever but does Black Adam live up to The Rock’s bold proclamation?

Well, for the most part, yes. Black Adam’s powers are similar to Shazam and he has very few weaknesses. In the superhero movie, Adam seems almost unstoppable, with only the powers of the Sabbac posing even the slightest threat to the anti-hero.

Of course, going up against some no-name villain is par for the course with superheroes, and we all know who’s really at the top of the DC pecking order. I’ll give you a hint; it’s not a bird or a plane. No, it’s Superman! So if Johnson thinks he’s the new top dog in the DCEU, he’s going to have to take down the Man of Steel, but is Henry Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam? Warning, spoilers ahead!

Is Henry Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam?

Yes, Henry Cavill’s Superman is in Black Adam. The big blue boy scout appears in Black Adam’s post-credit sting after Amanda Waller warns the DCEU’s newest anti-hero to stay in Kahndaq.

Adam responds to her words with his usual arrogance stating no one on Earth can stop him, to which Waller replies she knows people from other planets. Superman then emerges from the shadows, telling Adam that no one’s made the world this nervous in a while and that they need to talk.

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Unfortunately, we don’t see the two fight, so we’re gonna call bullshit on Johnson’s claims the DC hierarchy’s changed forever, at least until we get Black Adam 2. All we know for now is it’s great to see Cavill back in the old red and blues.

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