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Batman 1989 has been turned into an incredible silent movie

The Batman movies and the Dark Knight himself have always had a neo-noir feel about them but one creative fan's taken that to its logical conclusion

Batman Silent movie

The Batman movies have always had a no-noir feel about them, but someone’s taken that to its logical conclusion, completely re-editing Batman ’89 into a full-on silent movie. Unsurprisingly the Tim Burton movie’s gorgeous sets and incredible cast lend themselves rather well to black and white.

It even makes up for the fact that you can’t hear what Michael Keaton’s saying, which is something we never thought we’d say. The thing that ties the whole thing together, though, is Danny Elfman’s incredible score. We know he got in trouble a few years ago when he claimed his Batman theme was the only Batman theme, but, I mean, he’s not wrong.

Anyway, don’t take our word for how good the superhero movie is; just read some of the reviews. Stupendous! “This is very, very good,” wrote datamunki. “The music lets you savour the grime, the tall city, and the acting itself – which also means you don’t need every spoken word transcribed.” Meanwhile, blw1 simply wrote, “fantastic stuff.”

If you want to watch the full action movie, you can watch it at at the Internet Archive. Be warned though, trimming the dialogue hasn’t made the film any shorter and it comes in at a whopping two hours long, so be prepared for a long watch.

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Should you not fancy watching the whole thing, it’s worth a quick scroll through at the very least. With the time you save you can check out our article ranking all the Batman actors or if you prefer the baddies we have a guide to the best Batman villains.