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She-Hulk: what is Hulk King’s plan?

The Marvel series She-Hulk has introduced us to a terrifyingly real new threat, the online troll Hulk King but what is this villains devious plan?

She-Hulk: Hulk King's plan explained

What is Hulk King’s plan? The Marvel series She-Hulk has introduced us to a terrifyingly real new threat, the online troll Hulk King. While Hulk King may not have the muscle of your average Marvel villain, they have a burning hatred of Jen Walters and have dedicated their lives to destroying She-Hulk.

In episode 7, the Hulk King and his followers, the Intelligencia, finally prove to Jen that they’re more than just a group of internet bullies. They’re an organised and potentially dangerous group who will do whatever it takes to ruin Jen’s reputation. So what is Hulk King’s plan? Well, we have a few ideas.

What is Hulk King’s plan?

In She-Hulk episode 7, Hulk King makes his move at the Female Lawyer of the Year awards. The anonymous villain and the Intelligencia take control of the show’s presentation and tell those in attendance they plan on “showing the world the real Jenifer Walters”.

Jen’s initially untroubled by this as her identity is already public, but the hackers start leaking her data. Most traumatically, they leak a video of Jen and Josh having sex. Unsurprisingly this rather upsets Jen, who smashes the screen behind her, causing panic in the auditorium.

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As the audience runs away, Jen loses herself in her rage, roaring like her cousin and smashing down a wall to get at a member of the Intelligencia she’s spotted. As the police surround her with special Hulkbusting weapons, Jen realises she’s been played by Hulk King.

It seems like Hulk King’s plan was to discredit Jen by making her ‘Hulk out’ in front of an audience and lose control. However, the troll says something else that implies ruining Jen’s reputation wasn’t his only goal.

She-Hulk: Hulk King's plan explained

What else is Hulk King plotting?

During his hideous expose, Hulk King accuses Jen of “stealing” the power of the Hulk. It seems like whoever this online weirdo is, he doesn’t believe Jen is worthy of the power she’s been given, and let’s not forget he did have Josh steal Jen’s blood for a reason.

That leads us to another possibility, then. That the villain wants to take back what Jen stole using some ingenious technical device he’s built or designed himself, or he may want to make himself (or someone more worthy) into a gamma-powered brute to challenge Jen for the position of ‘resident Hulk’.

Jen herself mentions a Red Hulk during the extended ending. Maybe Jen, using her fourth-wall-breaking powers, peaked at the TV series‘ ending and knew what was coming her way?

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