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Jonathan Majors is one hell of a scary dude in first Creed 3 trailer

The first full-length trailer for Creed III has arrived, giving us our first chance to see just how immense Jonathan Majors is as Donnie's foe

Creed 3

Ever since photos taken of Jonathan Majors‘ absolutely shredded body on the set of Creed III were leaked in March, people have been desperate to get a closer look at the man mountain he has become. And we now have our first proper chance, because the full-length trailer for Creed III is here.

The trailer begins with Michael B. Jordan’s Donnie reflecting on the last seven years, saying he’s been living out his wildest dreams. “Bianca, Rocky, my Dad [Apollo Creed] – this is built on their shoulders.” A mysterious figure from Donnie’s past shows up – this is Damian (Majors), an old friend who has been in jail for 18 years.

Donnie tells Damian to come to his gym. Damian says that he never got the chance to prove that he was the best. It becomes clear that Damian is holding something of a grudge; “try spending half your life in a cell, watching somebody else live your life. I’m coming for everything.” It’s obviously all building to an epic showdown between Donnie and Damian.

Creed III is notable because Sylvester Stallone is not reprising his role as Rocky this time. It’s also significant because Michael B. Jordan is directing this one himself. Tessa Thompson is back as Bianca, and Wood Harris is back as Donnie’s trainer and mentor at the gym. Florian Munteanu’s Viktor Drago is on the IMDb cast-list for Creed III, but isn’t in the trailer, so this could be a mistake or maybe he just has a small cameo.

Ryan Coogler’s Creed made $174 million at the box office in 2015, and 2018’s Creed II made $214 million. Creed III will be Jordan’s directorial debut, after acting from a young age in the likes of The Wire. In 2015, Jordan’s career went into the blockbuster arena with Fantastic Four and Creed. He reteamed with Coogler for Marvel’s Black Panther in 2018.

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