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Dwayne Johnson welcomes Henry Cavill back to the DCEU

Dwayne Johnson has been doing the rounds at the big premiere of his new movie Black Adam and he has a message for Henry Cavill's Superman

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

It feels like Dwayne Johnson has been a part of the DCEU for years now, but thanks to various delays, his time in the superhero movie franchise is only just beginning as the Black Adam release date looms. The actor has hinted that Superman may get some screentime in Black Adam, and his latest comments all but confirm this.

The Dwayne Johnson movie has been in development for over a decade now, but the anti-hero is finally getting his time to shine. While fans are excited to see Johnson in action in the upcoming DC movie, there’s also a lot of anticipation for the fact we may see Henry Cavill return as Superman.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of Black Adam, Johnson dropped the biggest hint yet that Cavill and the Man of Steel will indeed appear in his new movie.

“The whole goal and initiative of Black Adam was to build out the DC Universe, by not only introducing Black Adam but the entire JSA (Justice Society of America) with five new superhero characters in one movie. I’ve been saying all along, there’s an ethos that we at Seven Bucks Productions have, myself and my co-founder Danny Garcia and Hiram Garcia, and that is to always put the fans first,” Johnson said when asked about Cavill’s return.

“We’ve established Black Adam as the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. But the fans have been so passionate, and we have been, about ‘Well where’s the most unstoppable force in the entire universe… where is he?’ I will say this… ‘Welcome home,'” he added.

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We all know by now that the most unstoppable force in the universe Johnson speaks of is Superman, and the iconic hero has long been rumoured to show up to face off against Black Adam. If Cavill and the Man of Steel are indeed home, then it makes perfect sense that they would appear in this action movie.

We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, check out our guide to watching the Superman movies in order. Or for more DC content, here’s our guide to the Aquaman 2 release date.