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Madame Web set photos may have confirmed a new Spider-Man variant

Leaked photos from the set of Madame Web appear to show a villain in a black and red Spider-Man-inspired suit, who Tahar Rahim is playing

Madame Web

Sony is ploughing ahead with their rogue gallery of Spider-Man villains – with upcoming movies including Kraven the Hunter and El Muerto. One of the most exciting is Madame Web, starring Dakota Johnson as the titular character.

With the addition of more cast members, such as Tahar Rahim, Celeste O’Connor and Zosia Mamet, there is obviously speculation about who everyone is playing. Adam Scott and Emma Roberts are reportedly playing young versions of Ben and Mary Parker (according to IMDb). Although other rumours say that Roberts is playing pregnant hero Jessica Drew AKA Spider-Woman. But it could also be Sydney Sweeney who is playing Spider-Woman, with Isabela Merced apparently playing Spider-Girl.

And now some new photos leaked from the set of Madame Web (via The Direct) are causing further speculation – especially surrounding Tahar Rahim’s character. The photos show stunt-double stand-ins for Rahim, Johnson, and O’Connor. And Rahim’s stand-in is wearing what looks like a dark, Spider-Man inspired suit. The suit is black, with red web-like lines all over it and has some similarities with Andrew Garfield’s Amazing Spider-Man suit.

Some guesses as to who Rahim is playing include Ezekiel Sims, someone who is obsessed with Spider-Man. Another option is Knull, the King of Black – the creator of the symbiotes. Further characters who could be involved in Madame Web are The Inheritors – a family of villains who hunt Spider-People throughout the Spider-Verse while sporting Victorian outfits.

Johnson’s stand-in is wearing a red leather jacket, jeans and black boots and is involved in what looks like a fight scene. This is a far cry from the comic book version of Madame Web – who is an elderly, bed-bound lady – and it looks like she is playing a variation of the character.

It’s exciting to see where these Sony Spider-Man movies will take us, as there’s also Venom 3 still to come. The extent to which they cross-over with Tom Holland’s MCU version of Spider-Man is not yet known.

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