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Halloween: who plays Michael Myers?

For more than four decades and 13 Halloween movies, Michael Myers has been terrifying cinemagoers but who plays the horror movie icon?

Halloween: who plays Michael Myers?

Who plays Michael Myers in the Halloween movies? For more than four decades and 13 Halloween movies, Michael Myers has been terrifying cinemagoers. With his alabaster mask, lifeless eyes, and razor-sharp butcher’s knife, the masked menace is an iconic horror movie icon who helped to jump-start the nascent slasher genre.

Yet despite a rather impressive resume of terror, few people probably know who plays Michael Myers. So as We’re celebrating the release of Halloween Ends, we thought it would be fun to peel back the painted Captain Kirk mask and get to know the actors who brought the callous killer to life.

Who plays Michael Myers?

Numerous actors have played Michael Myers over the years; however, the best-known person to wear the mask is probably Nick Castle.

Castle portrayed the masked Michael in the original Halloween movie and reprised the role in David Gordon Green’s revival series. Although, stunt performer James Jude Courtney stepped in for the more strenuous scenes.

As we say, though, a number of people have portrayed the masked murderer through the years.  Tony Moran plays the unmasked Michael at the end of the Carpenter’s original slasher, while Will Sandin plays the six-year-old Michael.

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Here’s a full list of everyone who’s ever played Michael Myers:

  • Nick Castle – Halloween and David Gordon Green’s trilogy
  • Tony Moran – Halloween ’78
  • Will Sandin – (Young Michael) Halloween ’78
  • Dick Warlock – Halloween II
  • George P. Wilbur  – Halloween 4 and Halloween 6
  • Don Shanks – Halloween 5
  • Chris Durand – Halloween H20
  • Brad Loree – Halloween: Resurrection
  • Tyler Mane – Rob Zombie’s Halloween I and II
  • Daeg Faerch – (Young Michael) Rob Zombie’s Halloween
  • Chase Wright Vanek – (Young Michael) Rob Zombie’s Halloween II
  • James Jude Courtney – David Gordon Green’s trilogy

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