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Tarzan is getting yet another remake

Brace yourselves, we might be getting yet another Tarzan movie after Sony Pictures bought the movie rights to the well-known Tarzan story

Tarzan in the Disney animated movie Tarzan

Everyone’s favourite vine-swinging jungle hero is getting yet another remake, only eight years after the last attempt – and no, it’s not George in the Jungle. Many adaptations have been made of the Tarzan story, originally a novel by by Edgar Rice Burroughs, but most will probably think of Disney’s animated movie from 1999 as the definitive version.

The movie was well received, and is generally considered to be one of the animated Disney classics. Then, in 2016, Harry Potter movie director David Yates helmed a new adaption of Tarzan titled The Legend of Tarzan. This time, the adventure movie was a live-action remake with Alexander Skarsgård in the titular role with Margot Robbie as Jane.

The Legend of Tarzan was an unimpressive reimagining of the character and the story, and while it attempted to re-engineer the story into something more culturally and politically appropriate to modern audiences, it was still a critical and commercial dud.

But, The Legend of Tarzan won’t be the last time audiences get to see a new take on the story. Now, THR reports that Sony Pictures has bought the movie rights to Tarzan, with the intention to remake the story for modern audiences. Again.

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It’s reported that Sony is aiming to commit to a “total reinvention” of Tarzan, updating the original story’s gender-dynamics, and depictions of colonialism and racial stereotypes which are unpalatable and problematic to a 21st century audience. Of course, with the failure of The Legend of Tarzan, when Sony does make their adventure action movie it will have plenty of history to learn from.

What is less clear, however, is if audiences will be interested in yet another adaption. Either way, it looks like we’re set for one more Tarzan story, whether we like it or not.

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