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Naturally, Weird Al cast the cameos in his own biopic

In typical Weird Al Yankovic fashion, the entertainer took it upon himself to cast the cameos for the upcoming biopic movie about his career

Daniel Radcliffe as Al Yankovic in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

In case you didn’t know, the legendary entertainer Weird Al Yankovic is getting his very own movie about his life. The film, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, will see Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe take on the lead role, but Yankovic himself got to decide who was going to make a cameo in the comedy movie.

The movie based on a true story (loosely, at least) looks set to be a wild ride, as it details the life and career of Yankovic as he crosses paths with various icons of the entertainment industry. Radcliffe, famed for his role in the Harry Potter movies, continues his run of fascinating career choices by leading the biopic.

Appearing at New York Comic-Con recently (via Entertainment Weekly), Yankovic revealed he was responsible for selecting all the celebrity cameos we will get to see in the musical movie.

One particular scene will see the likes of Andy Warhol show up at a pool party, along with other huge personalities from the ’70s and ’80s. Jack Black, Rainn Wilson, and Conan O’Brien are among the line-up of stars set to appear in cameo roles.

“I was sort of the casting director for that particular pool scene. I went through my address book, emailed a bunch of my friends, and said, ‘Hey we’re shooting this crazy pool party in the Valley, do you want to come out and spend half a day doing it?’ Thankfully a bunch of people showed up and we were able to pull it off! I still can’t believe that actually happened,” Yankovic explained.

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Eric Appel, the director of the wild drama movie added: “Al kind of just showed me his holiday card mailing list and said, pick some of these names.”

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