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Jackass 5 will focus more on new crew, says Johnny Knoxville

Jackass Forever might not be the final Jackass movie according to Johhny Knoxville: he's what he said about Jackass 5 in a new interview

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Dave England, and Wee-Man in Jackass Forever

We’ve all grown up with the original Jackass crew, with Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Jason Acuna, Sean McInerney, and Jasper Dolphin all reuniting years after the original ‘2000s movie and TV series for Jackass Forever in 2022.

The various comedy movies and comedy series were a cultural phenomenon with their outlandish stunts and unique humour, but despite rumours that the franchise will be coming to an end with Jackass 4, Jackass co-creator, Johnny Knoxville, has hinted that a fifth movie may well be in the works — albeit with a different cast.

Speaking to Variety, he said, “We never said whether [Jackass 4] was or wasn’t [the final film]. That got written somewhere and people ran with it. If we did continue, we would lean on the younger cast more and the old guys would take a little step back but still be a part of it. I would have to step back because my neurologist said I can’t have any more concussions.”

In the interview, Knoxville also opened up about how Jackass has evolved since the first film came out.

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“Jackass is a lot of things, but mostly it’s honest,” he said. “And I think people appreciate that. All the pranks are real. The pain is real. The love amongst the guys is real. The fear on the set is real. We have truth on our side.”

He added, “Also, the critics who write about “Jackass” now were in middle school or high school when the first one came out. And now they’re in positions of power. They grew up with us. Back when “Jackass” first came out, people hadn’t seen anything like it before. So I don’t blame them for all the bad reviews.”

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