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Netflix Discord bot: how to use the Netflix watch party Discord bot

The new Netflix Discord bot makes it easier than ever to host a watch party for your favourite movies and TV series on the streaming service

Netflix Discord bot

How does the Netflix Discord bot work? Netflix and Discord have teamed up for an official bot that helps you host watch parties for the best movies and TV series. Using the bot, you can easily discuss Netflix movies and Netflix series with friends from around the world, utilising your own personal Discord server.

The tool makes watching something together – often the optimal way to enjoy action movies and horror movies – easier and more straightforward. Not only is there chat functionality, but there are options to help selecting something to watch too, ideal for when you can’t decide what Netflix anime to jump to next.

All sounds pretty neat, right? It is, and we’re here to tell you all about the Netflix Discord Bot, including where you can get it, and how to use it, so you can get down to coercing your pals into whatever Netflix horror movie you’d like them to see.

What is the Netflix Discord bot?

The Netflix Discord bot, dubbed ‘Hey, Netflix’ in the official release video, is an add-on for Discord servers that creates collaborative options for picking something to watch, and creating threads for chat. You’ll separate places for spoilers and non-spoilers, keeping the environment friendly for people who are hanging out for not necessarily watching the same show or film.

This is an official release from Discord and Netflix. You will still need your Netflix subscription to view anything on the platform.

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How do you use the Netflix Discord bot?

The Netflix Discord bot is simple and easy to use. Once you have the bot added to your Discord server, you type in command ‘/heynetflix’. This will open a box that let’s you choose between movies or series.

After that, it asks any participants to select their current country, then it combs through all the relevant Netflix libraries and gives you four options to vote on. If nobody’s happy, you can refine the choices until something that looks good to everyone emerges.

Then the Discord bot generates a thread specifically for your watchalong, giving you a corner all to yourselves to discuss, joke, and make memes. Perfect!

Netflix Discord bot: Henry Cavill in The Witcher on Netflix

Where do you get the Netflix Discord bot?

The Netflix Discord bot is available now on the Discord App Directory. You can find this be right-clicking on your server list, going down to ‘Server Settings’, and choosing ‘App Directory’ – it’s right under ‘Bans’.

Then enjoy watching Netflix entertainment together. Have a look at our lists of the best horror series, best anime series, and best fantasy movies for more potential viewing options. If this has your curious for other ways to use Discord, check out this list of the best Discord bots.