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Everybody stay calm, but Harrison Ford might be joining the MCU

The Hot Mic show with John Rocha and Jeff Sneider teased that Ford may have signed a multi-movie deal with Marvel to play a specific character

With their inside sources and near-infinite Marvel movie knowledge, The Hot Mic show with John Rocha and Jeff Sneider has fuelled the fire for very credible-sounding rumours about Star Wars cast member Harrison Ford potentially joining the MCU.

The co-hosts previously speculated that Ford, who is also known for his role in the Indiana Jones movies, might be appearing in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie as General Thunderbolt Ross — and while Jeff reports that this particular appearance is looking less and less likely, that doesn’t mean we need to rule out Harrison Ford taking on the character in Marvel’s Phase 5 altogether.

The character of General Thunderbolt Ross was previously played in superhero movies by William Hurt — but with the actor sadly passing away in March 2022, it looks like Disney is hoping to move forward with the MCU character and another actor.

“A couple of shows ago, we talked about the rumour that Harrison Ford was either offered Thunderbolt or, you know, had already passed on it potentially,” Jeff teased. “But I wonder if I asked the wrong question.”

“I don’t know that they have that deal [with Thunderbolts] done,” he explained. “But there’s another deal. I hear that Harrison Ford has in fact closed a deal to play General Thunderbolt Ross, and that the movie is Captain America 4. That’s what I’ve heard. Wow. I’ve heard it’s a done deal. Harrison Ford, Thunderbolt Ross.”

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John then asked, “So what you’re saying is Captain America New World Order, which comes out on May 3 2024, ending Phase Five will feature Harrison Ford as General Thunderbolt Ross. It is the introduction of Harrison Ford replacing William Hurd as General Thunderbolt Ross. Is that what you’re saying?”

Jeff confirmed that he had heard from his unnamed sources that Ford had signed a multi-year deal with Marvel to portray the character, adding, “I think it would help to have some major stars in Captain America. And it doesn’t get much bigger than Harrison Ford.”

The next MCU blockbuster, Black Panther 2, will be in cinemas November 11, 2022.