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Bob Odenkirk has a Halloween cameo you’ve never noticed

You will probably be surprised to hear that Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk, has a cameo in Halloween Kills. It's a fun one, but hard to spot!

Bob in Halloween

It will probably greatly surprise you to learn that everyone’s favourite lawyer – Bob Odenkirk – is in Halloween Kills. Even if you’ve seen the second movie in David Gordon Green’s new trilogy, you probably have no memory of ever having seen Odenkirk. But he does in fact have a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo. And just to make him even harder to spot, it’s actually Odenkirk as a teenager.

Green wanted to include as many references and homages to the original 1978 Halloween as he could, as Halloween (2018) is a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s classic horror movie – ignoring all the other sequels. Green wanted to include a TV news broadcast that refers to Myers’ first bout of murders – including Bob Simms (John Michael Graham), the boyfriend of Lynda (PJ Soles).

“In the original Carpenter film, the Bob character, I wanted to have acknowledgement of all the deaths from the previous film, but we couldn’t track [the actor] down or get the rights,” Gordon Green told Cinema Blend. “Somehow we couldn’t clear an image of Bob for our television news broadcast. And so I was frustrated by that because I wanted to acknowledge Bob’s death, but we couldn’t get footage of Bob.”

“So I Googled ‘Bob 1970s High School,’ and a photo of Bob Odenkirk popped up that looked just like Bob! So I thought, ‘He’s probably easier to find; let’s go get him!'” Gordon Green continues, “They contacted [Odenkirk] and he signed off on the rights to have his high school picture be the Bob in [the movie]. I’m a huge Bob Odenkirk fan. So that opportunity was just too juicy to ignore.”

It seems that when you can’t find one Bob, another can come along to save the day! Horror movie fans are currently reeling from Halloween Ends – which has certainly divided audiences. If you’ve seen the finale of Gordon Green’s trilogy and want to know more – check out our guide to all of the Easter Eggs you may have missed. We don’t think Saul Goodman is in this one, but you never know!