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Conjuring house that inspired the horror movie sells for silly money

The eighteenth century Rhode Island house that inspired multi-billion The Conjuring franchise has sold for one and a half million, as someone wants a haunting

The Conjuring

A Rhode Island home has been known as ‘The Conjuring house’ for some time now, thanks to the hugely successful movie franchise inspired by the ‘events’ that happened there in the 1970s. However, the horrific hauntings that happened in the colonial clapboard house, that dates back to 1736, have not deterred someone from buying it for one and a half million dollars.

The Perron family was plagued by nearly a decade of intense paranormal activity in the 1970s. The Roman Catholic family had not been predisposed to believe in ghosts, according to The Providence Journal. But that changed almost as soon as they moved into the house on January 11, 1971.

“I always got along with the spirits right from the start,” said Andrea Perron, who moved to the house with her parents and four sisters when she was 12. “I had moments of fear because I saw what was happening to my mom and to my family.” The house’s history means that it’s a popular place for guest bookings and group events.

The Colonial-era home, which dates to around 1736, sold for 27% over the original asking price. It sold for $1.525 million to some foolhardy person who doesn’t mind moving in with ghosts. The Conjuring franchise is the second-highest grossing horror franchise of all time, bringing in $2.1 billion at the box office to date.

The next installment in The Conjuring franchise will be The Nun 2, which has finally been greenlit after its box office success in 2018.

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