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Solar Opposites season 3 starts July 13

Hulu have finally announced a release date for season three of Solar Opposites, the animated series from Rick & Morty's Justin Roiland

Solar Opposites season3 release date: Korvo, Terry, and the family

Fans of all things Schlorpian can rejoice, as season three of Solar Opposites finally has a release date. Korvo, Terry, Yumyulack, and Jesse will be returning to Hulu on July 13, so we don’t have too long to wait for more episodes of the successful animated series.

Co-created by Justin Roiland, who also plays Korvo, the series shares some similar mind-bending science fiction themes to his more famous show – Rick & Morty. While Solar Opposites is also not aimed at kids, the characters aren’t quite as dark and twisted as Rick, but then, who is?

More good news is that season three will have twelve episodes, not eight, like the previous two seasons. While we don’t know much about what we have in store, in terms of plot, we are looking forward to discovering what colour the Pupa is going to have evolved into. We’re also looking forward to seeing how the soap opera shenanigans in The Wall will shake out, now that Cherie (Christina Hendricks) has had Tim’s (Andrew Daly) baby.

“It’s interesting because we’ve talked a little bit about what do we do after Season 2 if the show gets a bunch more seasons,” Roiland told SyFy Wire. “We’ve got all these crazy ideas. It’s Schrodinger’s Cat, and we haven’t really 100 per cent opened that box all the way, but we’ve talked about a few things that are really insane. I don’t wanna say anything because it’s just so far down the road. But the Wall is definitely a part of it.”

Solar Opposites has done well with the critics and audiences, and both Roiland and Mike McMahan will be hoping that continues. Animation fans have more to look forward to on Hulu, as the Futurama revival is also coming to the streaming service in 2023.

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