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House of the Dragon: who kills Daemon Targaryen?

Daemon Targaryen has made more enemies than most and plenty of people want him dead, but who finally gets to kill the Rogue Prince?

House of the Dragon: who kills Daemon Targaryen?

Who kills Daemon Targaryen? The Targaryen family tree is full of rogues and rebels, but few have ever been as devilish as Daemon Targaryen. Known as the Rogue Prince, we’ve seen in the fantasy series House of the Dragon that Daemon’s an out-and-out shit-stirrer who takes great joy in pricking authority and thumbing his nose at those he dislikes.

All of this has made him a fan favourite House of the Dragon character, but it’s made him more than a few enemies around Westeros and beyond the Narrow Sea. The Hightowers, Royces, and The Triarchy all despise the prince and want to see him dead. But which of the prince’s many enemies finally gets the drop on him? How does Daemon Targaryen die?

Who kills Daemon Targaryen?

Daemon Targaryen dies in battle fighting his nephew Aemond. The pair meet in the Riverlands, both atop their dragons, and have a prolonged fight above a lake known as the God’s Eye.

In the end, Daemon leaps from Caraxes onto Vhagar and stabs Aemond through his sapphire eye. Just as he does this, Vhagar and Caraxes slam into each and fall into the lake below them.

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Vhagar and Aemond are both found dead, while Caraxes survives the fall but dies just a few days later of his wounds. Daemon’s body, however, was never found, although he is presumed dead.

Still, there are rumours that the Rogue Prince survived the battle and used the fight to fake his death, sneaking away to be with his love Nettles.

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