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James Wan thinks Malignant should go as long as the Halloween movies

James Wan thinks that Malignant's already-iconic horror villain Gabriel deserves a franchise at least as long as the Halloween one and we could not agree more


Ever since Gabriel came into our lives in September 2021, nothing has been the same since. James Wan has created an already-iconic horror movie villain and fans have been clamouring for news of a sequel ever since. While it’s hard to imagine how a sequel to Malignant could work, it doesn’t mean that Wan won’t try, if he has the audience for it.

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, Wan very much indicated that the fate of Malignant 2 was in the hands of the fans; “I always say that stuff is up to the fans. That’s up to the audience out there. ‘You guys tell me,’ that’s what I say. If I definitely have other stories to tell.”

“I joke that the fans out there should start a groundswell movement, hashtag Malignant 2, and see [if] you get something going. See if we can spot a studio to push for another one.” If it worked for the Snyder Cut, it can work for Gabriel. Let’s get the movement going post-haste.

In fact James Wan doesn’t just want to stop at a sequel; “I think Gabriel deserves another movie. I get it. He needs as many as the Halloween films or Friday the 13th.” Gabriel is already at least as iconic as Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, so he deserves at least as many movies as those guys have had. Which, let’s face it, is a lot. And Gabriel in space is something we’d all like to see.

Well, we’re off to start making “We Demand Malignant 2” placards and storming the gates of Warner Bros with them. While we wait for them to, you know, write and make the movie, check out our guide to the best Netflix horror movies and the best Amazon Prime horror movies.