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Where to watch the original Top Gun

Want to know where to watch the original Top Gun? You've come to the right place. Here's an overview of everywhere you can watch the 1986 Tom Cruise movie

As Top Gun: Maverick comes to cinemas and wins over a new generation of fans, many will probably find themselves wanting to know where to watch the original Top Gun. Where does the story of old Maverick the pilot truly begin? Where can you see Tom Cruise playing the same character, but 36 years younger?

So if you are wondering where to watch the original Top Gun, we’ve got you covered. Thankfully, it’s a film that hasn’t been lost to time, and there are many avenues through which new fans can go if they want to see the original 1986 movie.  You’ll be watching him boast that he’s dangerous because he drives the plane too fast in no time.

Whether you loved or hated the new movie (and, if you read our Top Gun 2 review, you’ll see that we adored it), chances are that it will have given you a craving for the original. Maybe you even want to go back and watch the first one so that you can fully appreciate the sequel when you see it? That’s always a smart way to watch sequels.

Either way, here’s where you can watch the original Top Gun:

  • Paramount Plus
  • Amazon Prime
  • DVD

Top Gun on Paramount Plus

Top Gun is a Paramount movie, and so it should be no surprise that it is available as part of the Paramount Plus streaming service. No doubt, Tom Gun: Maverick will be available to view there once the film is finished showing in the cinemas too.

Top Gun on Amazon Prime

Top Gun is also available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime, although it isn’t free for Amazon Prime subscribers. If you buy it, you can keep it in your account to watch whenever you want, or if you rent it, you have 30 days to start watching, then you have 48 hours to finish.

Top Gun on DVD

Of course, another option is to simply buy the movie on DVD. There are various versions available (all of which we’ll link below), but generally speaking, while it might be a little harder to get your hands on a regular old DVD copy, Blu-ray, and 4K DVD copies of Top Gun are easy enough to find.

We hope that this has helped make it easier for you to track down the original Top Gun movie. You might also be interested in our guide on how to watch Top Gun 2. If you’re looking for other films to watch, check out our guide on the best action movies (sorry, Top Gun isn’t in it, don’t be mad).