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Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa show off Fast 10 muscle car

Fast and Furious co-stars Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa have been showing off one of the muscle cars used in the shoot for Fast 10 recently

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto in Fast 9

Despite all the production issues surrounding the new Fast and Furious movie recently, it seems that the star of the action movie franchise, Vin Diesel, is still having lots of fun on set. In a new Instagram post, the actor and his new co-star, Jason Momoa, shared a video from the set of the pair of them showing off one of the muscle cars used for the upcoming Fast 10.

The movie may have lost its director, with Justin Lin exiting the project just one week into filming, in rather tumultuous circumstances, but that hasn’t deterred Vin Diesel. The MCU actor has been relentless on social media lately to promote the new Fast and Furious movie, sharing videos with his fellow Fast and Furious characters.

While most of Diesel’s videos are super awkward and many people say it looks like he’s holding his cast and crew hostage, Jason Momoa, who is joining the Fast and Furious franchise as the villain of the next movie, appears to be his usual laid-back self. In fact, Momoa actually looks to be loving life, and most definitely has Vin Diesel matched when it comes to enthusiasm.

Diesel asks his co-star what he’s doing and how he’s feeling, but Momoa is more interested in rolling around on the hood of his new muscle car and making jokes. “I’m trying to do the new Whitesnake video,” Momoa replies.

“I feel amazing. It’s day one. Me and you together, buddy. Look at my car! Look at this, it looks good,” Momoa continues, before nudging Diesel out of the way to show off his purple muscle car.

“Fast did you right! This is gonna be a good one,” Diesel says, but Momoa has to have the last word. “It’s gonna be a great one!” he adds. It sure does look like Momoa is going to be a fascinating addition to the Fast and Furious cast.