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Moon knight ending and post-credit scene explained

After six episodes the adventures of Steven and Marc have come to an end but if you missed it here's the Moon knight ending and post-credit scene explained.

Moon knight ending and post-credit scene explained

What happens in the Moon Knight ending and post-credit scene? After six episodes, the curtain has come down on the new Disney plus TV series Moon Knight. The finale saw Marc and Steven (Oscar Isaac) finally reconcile, Layla (May Calamawy) accepted a new job as a superhero, and we finally learned who the person in the third sarcophagus was.

Along the way, though, there was plenty of punching, kicking, and even a Godzilla-style kaiju battle atop an ancient pyramid. Basically, there was a lot going on in the Moon Knight finale, so we thought you may need a bit of a recap of the episode’s big events. We’ll be explaining everything from Marc’s miraculous return to the land of the living, Harrow’s eventual fate, and much, much more.

We should warn you that we’re going to be going deep into spoiler town as we discuss the Moon Knight ending and post-credit scene, so if you’ve not seen the finale yet, leave this place or forever be doomed with terrible knowledge.

How do Marc and Steven come back to life?

Marc is brought back to life after selflessly abandoning paradise and trekking back to Steven, who’s trapped in the Duat (ancient Egyptian hell, basically). As he reunites with his adorable alternate personality, Marc tells the frozen Steven that he is his “real superpower” and falls to his knees as he’s slowly trapped in the sand.

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Just when all seems lost, the pair reawaken (thanks to Osiris) and pass through the gates back to the land of the living. Once back in their mortal body, Khonshu returns to them with the Moon Knight suit, which heals them, saving their life once again.

Moon Knight ending and post-credit scene explained: Marc and Steven

Moon Knight ending explained

At the end of the Moon Knight finale, Layla, Marc and Steven all battle a newly empowered Harrow. Despite having a numerical advantage on the misguided zealot, Harrow still gets the better of them, pinning Layla before blasting Marc with his staff.

Just when all seems lost, Marc blacks out and awakens to find Harrow and his men defeated. Harrow seems to have taken the brunt of the attack with an axe wound to his face. With no time to think about what happened, Marc, Layla, and Steven drag Harrow back to the Great Pyramid of Giza and start sealing Ammit in his body.

The pair are successful, and Khnoshu demands they finish the job. Steven and Marc refuse, demanding to be released from their bond to the Moon God and the bird-headed deity surprisingly acquiesces to their plea. As the Moon Knight suit peels back, Steven and Marc are no longer the Fist of Khonshu.

The series ends with Marc waking up in Steven’s apartment, the pair clearly having come to some sort of agreement and enjoying a shared life. What a happy ending! Oh, wait, no, we didn’t get to the post-credit scene.

Moon Knight ending and post-credit scene explained: Khonshu

Moon Knight post-credit scene explained

In the post-credit scene, we see Harrow now seemingly disabled and living in a hospital. Still having strange visions, Harrow is wheeled out of the hospital by an unseen man. This stranger puts Harrow in the back of a limo where Khonshu sits, waiting for his old avatar.

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Harrow laughs at the Moon God, clearly aware he can’t directly interfere and hurt him. Khonshu (now wearing a natty white suit) is unfazed and tells Harrow that Marc was wrong to presume Khonshu wanted Layla to be the next Moon Knight. As the limo partition rolls down, we see the body of Marc Spector, but neither Marc nor Steven are in control.

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The third personality introduces himself to Harrow as Jake and draws a gun killing the zealous avatar of Ammit. In Harrow’s dying moments, Khonshu says he’ll never need another avatar as long as he has Jake Lockley. So there we have it, Khonshu only released Marc and Steven from their duties, not the third personality.

Moon Knight ending and post-credit scene explained: Harrow

What happens to Harrow and Ammit?

After a battle with Khonshu, Ammit is sealed in Harrow’s body. Khonshu demands that Marc and Steven kill the pair while they can, but the pair refuse. Unfortunately for the deadly duo, their execution is only delayed and not stopped, with Jake Lockerly and Khonshu returning to finish the job a few days after the events of the series.

Moon Knight ending and post-credit scene explained: Layla

What happens to Layla in Moon knight?

Layla becomes an avatar for an ancient Egyptian god in the finale. Khonshu doesn’t get his talons on her, though. Instead, she accepts Taweret’s offer, becoming the fertility god’s champion.

This grants her an impressive set of powers, including flight and super strength. She also, like Marc and Steven, gets her own costume which comes with a set of razor-sharp wings she can use for attack and defence.

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Layla helps Moon Knight battle Harrow and is the one who knows the ritual to seal Ammit. While we don’t see her once the action is over, we presume she’s living as close to a normal life as she can with Marc and Steven in their London flat.

Moon Knight ending and post-credit scene explained: The third sarcophagus

Who was in the third sarcophagus?

The final episode reveals that the person in the third Sarcophagus was Jake Lockley, a third violent personality. While we don’t learn a lot about Jake in the series, he’s even deadlier than Marc and ruthless in his approach to violence.

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It was Jake who gets the final blow on Harrow, eventually killing him after abducting the former cultist from the hospital. If you can’t get enough MCU action check out our guide on Thor Love and Thunder, and we have an article breaking down the Moon Knight cast.