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Who does Robert Englund play in Stranger Things season 4?

Here is everything you need to know about Robert Englund's Stranger Things season 4 character Victor Creel and what happened to him

Robert Englund as Victor Creel

Who Does Robert Englund play in Stranger Things season 4? After what feels like an eternity of waiting we’ve finally made it back to Hawkins and caught up with The Party. Of course, after three seasons we know how dangerous this little Indiana town can be and season 4 is no exception.

New threats, both from the Upside Down and the human world, stalk the leafy suburban streets of Hawkins and threaten our beloved group of plucky teens. One such threat is the deadly demon Vecna, a powerful paranormal entity that seems to have ties to one of the worst crimes in the history of Hawkins and the mysterious murderer Victor Creel.

Need to know more? Well, we’ve been through every episode of Stranger Things season 4 part one (yes, we’re very tired) to bring you all the grisly details on this very real urban legend. Here’s everything you need to know about Victor Creel and the man who plays him in the hit Netflix series, the ’80s horror movie icon Robert Englund.

Who Does Robert Englund play in Stranger Things season 4?

Robert Englund plays Victor Creel in Stranger Things season 4. Victor is something of an urban legend in Hawkins after allegedly killing his family and gouging out their eyes. When he was arrested for the crime, Victor proclaimed he was innocent and that a demon had killed his family.

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When we’re introduced to Victor, he’s a patient at Pennhurst Mental Hospital, Illinois and has been imprisoned there since the ’50s. In fact, Victor is innocent of his supposed crime and is a victim of Vecna, ‘the evil wizard’ that’s been terrorising The Party this season.

Robert Englund as Victor Creel

How did Victor Creel lose his eyes?

Soon after arriving at Pennhurst Mental Hospital, Victor managed to secretly get a razor blade into his cell and cut out his own eyes in a botched attempt to take his own life and join his family. The hospital doctors managed to save Victor’s life but not his sight, leaving him scarred and blind.

Vecna from Stranger Things

What did Vecna do to Victor Creel?

Vecna began tormenting the Creel family soon after they moved into their new house. The ‘haunting’ – for lack of a better word – began with simple electrical disturbances but slowly grew in intensity.

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Each member of the Creel House was haunted by visions of their worst nightmares. Victor’s were particularly disturbing as he would see a baby’s crib on fire, a horrifying reminder of a mistake he made during World War 2, when he ordered the bombing of a civilian house, mistakenly believing the Nazis were using it as shelter.

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Eventually, Vecna grew bored of simply tormenting the Creel family and one night attacked them. Starting with Victor’s wife, Virginia, Vecna slaughtered the Creels one by one. He was unable to kill Victor, however after the radio began playing his favourite song, freeing the former soldier from the illusion he was trapped in.

For more info on Victor’s relationship with the otherworldly monster check out our spoiler-filled article on Vecna.

Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger

Who is Robert Englund?

Robert Englund is an actor best known for playing the horror movie icon Freddy Krueger. Krueger served as part of the inspiration for the character of Vecna and kills his victims in a similar way to the legendary slasher, using dreams and illusions.