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Fast 10 will see the franchise return to its roots, says Tyrese Gibson

The Fast and Furious franchise has been taken to unbelievable places, but Tyrese Gibson says Fast 10 will see the series return to its roots

Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce in Fast and Furious

The Fast and Furious series is arguably one of the most epic and crazy action movie franchises to ever exist; over the course of nine main timeline movies, we’ve gone from DVD player robbery, to global espionage and shooting cars into space. But, with the upcoming Fast 10 release date on the horizon, Tyrese Gibson says the new Fast and Furious movie will see the franchise return to its roots.

As Tyrese Gibson and the rest of the Fast and Furious cast continue the shoot for Fast 10, we have seen lots of videos from Vin Diesel and his fellow actors describing how great the new movie is and how it’s bigger and better than ever before. It’s certainly going to take a lot to top the wild stunts we’ve seen in previous Fast and Furious movies, that’s for sure.

Well, Gibson, who plays the Fast and Furious character Roman Pearce, says that the latest instalment is going to deliver on what the fans love about the Fast franchise, and return to its roots.

“The fans have been wanting over the years for us to get back to the roots of what we know and love about Fast,” Gibson said. “We’ve heard you. And we’re doing it,” he adds.

Now, we’re not exactly sure what he means by this. Naturally, with the way things have gone so far, there’s very little chance that the high-octane series is about to strip back and focus on small-scale crime and quintessential 2000s vibes.

What Gibson is more likely referring to is the deep-rooted concept of family and fast cars. The video over on Vin Diesel’s Instagram sees Gibson and Diesel kicking back in the Toretto garage, where they show off a car that Vin’s own son is building for the movie.

While the need for speed and the theme of family still play a big part in the more recent Fast movies, it’s probably fair to say that some of that has been lost to the sheer scale of operations that has been steadily rising with each film. So, it makes sense that Vin Diesel and the gang would want to make sure those principles remains the focus.