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Chris Pratt taught Sam Neill raptor pose for Jurassic World Dominion

Jurassic World star Chris Pratt and Jurassic Park OG Sam Neill join forces in Jurassic World 3 — and Pratt taught him a thing or two

sam neill chris pratt

The ‘raptor pose,’ adopted by MCU actor Chris Pratt’s character Owen Grady, has become an infamous part of the Jurassic World franchise. Noting how people thought the pose “looks like Owen is trying to get the raptor to high-five him,” the Thor Love and Thunder star took to Instagram to explain the rationale behind the pose. He even taught it to action movie veteran Sam Neill, as shown by a video posted to his account.

“If you’re gonna try to assert your dominance over the raptor, you must first assume the position of a raptor,” Pratt explained in the video. “Now, a raptor is an animal that has a long neck, and a head that can bite.”

According to Pratt, to copy the ‘raptor’ pose, you need to stretch out your arm and hand before locking eyes with the raptor by looking at them through the ‘C shape’ you make with your hand. In the video, Pratt says that this makes the raptor think another raptor is looking at them. “You have to make your body as big as possible to let them know, ‘I’m bigger than you,” he added.

The Marvel movies star then encouraged Neill and fellow co-star Isabella Sermon to emulate the movie for themselves in the clip. “There’s actually an explanation as to why Owen used that particular technique to control his raptors,” he added in a post accompanying the Instagram video.

“He’s creating the illusion that he is a larger and more dominant animal. Whereas seen here, [Neill] is creating the illusion that my explanation while filming this at three in the morning on the 89th day of shooting is somehow NOT super annoying.”

Dino-filled thriller movie Jurassic World 3 will land in theatres on June 10, 2022. In the meantime, at least you now know what to do if you ever come across a raptor.