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Sam Neill compares new black hole to Event Horizon

Jurassic World star Sam Neill has played down the recent images of a black hole in our universe, comparing it to his time working on Event Horizon

Sam Neill as Dr William Weir in Event Horizon

You might think that seeing an image of a real black hole in our universe is an exciting development for an actor like Sam Neill, after his dalliances in the science fiction movie realm with the ‘90s movie Event Horizon. However, the Jurassic World star played down the significance of the new image, as he compared it to his own experiences in deep space.

Neill is perhaps better known for playing Alan Grant in the Jurassic Park movies, a franchise of which he is set for an emotional return in the upcoming adventure movie Jurassic World Dominion. But, in 1997, he starred in Event Horizon, which is essentially a very graphic horror movie set in space. And, he has the scars to prove it.

When the recent images of the supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy were released, many were impressed and intrigued. But not Neill, who took to his Twitter account with a joke about the discovery, with references to his character’s rather bloody and painful experiences in Event Horizon.

“This ‘new’ Black Hole? Meh. I’ve been there. And back. No biggy. Scars have healed. Took this holiday snap. Personally, I preferred Hawaii,” Neill tweeted, along with an image of the black hole in question.

If you have seen Event Horizon, you’ll know that Neill is referencing the fact that his character, Dr William Weir, has looked into the void of a black hole and lived to tell the tale. Although, not without losing his eyes and getting some pretty nasty cuts on his face.

Sam Neill is a regular jokester on his Twitter account, often taking the social media to hark back to his iconic roles. Most importantly though, he uses social media to share videos and pictures of his many pets, mostly of the avian variety. Now, that’s the kind of good, wholesome content we want from our movie stars.