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Nicolas Cage confirms Face/Off 2 talks are happening

Nicolas Cage says that there have been "some phone calls" regarding a potential sequel to the John Woo and John Travolta action classic Face/Off

Face Off sequel

Nicolas Cage is still promoting the movie in which he stars as both Nick Cage (a version of himself who is a down-on-his-luck movie star who agrees to attend a fan’s birthday party for a million dollars) and Nicky Cage (a young energetic version of himself from his action movies). And in a recent interview, he was asked if there was any movement on a sequel to one of his most beloved action movies – Face/Off.

As recently as mid-March, Cage said; “I have not heard hide nor hair about it,” when asked if there was any weight to rumours that Face/Off 2 might happen. However, speaking to Brandon Davis of ComicBook.com in mid-April, Cage changed his tune and said; “That one I can talk about because there have been some phone calls with Neal (Moritz, producer) – one of the true great producers in Hollywood. They have been making some calls.”

Regarding other sequel rumours, Cage said; “The other ones – like National Treasure – their priority was a TV show, so God speed to them. But maybe Face/Off. Maybe.”

The late 1990s were Nic Cage’s action heyday, with him making The Rock, Con Air and Face/Off one after another in 1996-1997. All three still have their devoted champions, but Face/Off is probably the most iconic, due to Cage and John Travolta’s OTT performances as one another.

Face/Off director John Woo is set to make a return to Hollywood after two decades away with a silent action movie. It seems unlikely that he would be interested in making Face/Off 2, and Cage has previously seemed reluctant about being involved if Woo is not.

We will have to live in hope that Face/Off 2 does finally make it out of development hell, but until then, check out our guide the best action movies.