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The Last of Us TV series coming early 2023, according to director

Kantemir Balagov, the director of the pilot of HBO's The Last of Us, says that it should be coming in early 2023, as has long been suspected

The Last of Us

It looks as though the director of the pilot episode of HBO’s epic new TV series The Last of Us has confirmed what many have long suspected – that the highly anticipated videogame adaptation will debut in early 2023. The vast production, with a very high per-episode budget, has been filming in Canada for the last year.

In a new interview with Russian site Kholod (which is attempting to report from that country without censorship), director Kantemir Balagov indicated when the series will actually be premiering on HBO. While acknowledging that the show is still in the production process, Balagov said that, based on his own understanding, it’s set to release “early next year.”

Beyond this, he also acknowledged how important it was for him to work on The Last of Us since the videogame series that the show is based on “has a special place in my heart.” Fans of the games are eager to see how Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will bring Joel and Ellie to life, and where the budget has gone in what is presumably a special effects heavy show.

The Last of Us is just one of several high-profile TV adaptations of videogames either already out or in the works –  including Paramount Plus’ Halo, and the upcoming Amazon Prime’s Fallout and Peacock’s Twisted Metal. It looks as though each of the TV streamers are investing in a big budget series based on some of the most successful game titles.

The Last of Us is one of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time, so the pressure to get the series right is huge. The showrunners will be wanting every available month that they have to get the show right before it debuts in 2023. All eyes will now be on a trailer, which will surely come before the end of the year.

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