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Every Doctor Strange 2 cameo explained

The Multiverse of Madness brings familiar characters into the MCU, and introduces some new ones - here's all the Doctor Strange 2 cameo

Doctor Strange 2 cameos: Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

What cameos appear in Doctor Strange 2? In his jaunt through the multiverse, the MCU‘s Doctor Strange encounters a few characters, and actors, that are familiar. Not to him, necessarily, but certainly to us eager onlookers.

There are Hollywood A-listers bringing long-desired heroes into the action movie franchise and a couple that are reprising roles but in a slightly different context. On paper, the list of Doctor Strange 2 cameos might look a little short, but it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality, and what’s teased is very exciting for people who’ve been following Marvel’s big-screen exploits on over the decades.

We’ve listed everyone who makes a short appearance in the fantasy movie. Granted some of these stretch the term cameo – many of these are named characters with actual lines and impact on the plot – but we feel it’s the easiest way of describing their all too brief showing. Will we get more of them? In some cases most definitely, in others possibly not. Either way, you can use our guide to keep up with MCU Phase 4 after seeing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

John Krasinski – Reed Richards

As part of the Illuminati that Doctor Strange meets on Earth-838, John Krasinski is playing Reed Richards, the patriarch of the Fantastic Four. Krasinski explains to Strange that in their universe, the good doctor was more of an antagonist.

We get to see him do some limb-stretching against Wanda, before she does away with him. No mention of the rest of the Fantastic Four, but that’s what their upcoming MCU reboot is for.

Doctor Strange 2 cameos: Lashana Lynch in Captain Marvel

Lashana Lynch – Captain Marvel

In the regular MCU, Maria Rambeau is the best friend of Carol Danvers. She’s the mother of Monica Rambeau, who becomes Photon in WandaVision. On Earth-838, she’s actually Captain Marvel in the Illuminati.

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This isn’t explained, but presumably, in this timeline she was the one exposed to energy from the Tesseract instead of Carol. She also uses a black and grey suit, as opposed to the red, blue, and yellow of Carol’s attire.

Doctor Strange 2 cameos: Captain Carter

Hayley Atwell – Captain Carter

Carrying on from animated series What If…?, Hayley Atwell brings Captain Carter to life as another part of the Illuminati. Unlike Steve Rogers, she wears the colours of the union jack, not that she fares any better against the Scarlet Witch.

Doctor Strange 2 cameos: Black Bolt

Anson Mount – Black Bolt

Yes, Marvel Studios and Disney actually acknowledge Inhumans. On Earth-838, Anson Mount’s Black Bolt is part of the Illuminati, sporting a comics accurate costume as well.

He’s who ultimately killed their Doctor Strange, as part of an execution. He’s no match for Wanda, though, who turns his powers against him in brutal fashion.

Doctor Strange 2 cameos: Patrick Stewart as Professor X in X-Men

Patrick Stewart – Professor Charles Xavier

Shockingly, that voice in the Doctor Strange 2 trailer does indeed belong to the one and only Patrick Stewart. Another wing of the Illuminati, Stewart shows up in the famous yellow wheelchair he sports in the comics, and ’90s X-Men animated show. Notice the little nod to that theme song as well? Good stuff.

Doctor Strange 2 cameos: Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell – Papa Pizza

As is tradition for Sam Raimi’s films, Bruce Campbell shows up as a pizza ball vendor who gets on the wrong side of America Chavez and Doctor Strange. He gets sprayed with some mustard and cursed to beat himself up for being rude, a nod to his trouble with a possessed hand in Evil Dead 2.

Doctor Strange 2 cameos: Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron – Clea

In the Doctor Strange 2 post-credits scene, none other than Charlize Theron joins the fun, sporting a shiny purple metallic costume. She’s played Clea, a cosmic disciple of Dormammu’s who develops a close friendship with Strange.

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That’s in the comics, anyway. For now, they’re on an epic quest together, and we’ll have to wait for Doctor Strange 3 to see more of what goes down between them.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is in theatres now.