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Yellowjackets season 2 will bring back winter storyline

Yellowjackets season 2 may be shooting this summer, but the on-screen action will be as cold as ever with the winter storyline being revisited

Yellowjackets season 2 will revisit the winter storyline

If you’ve watched the first season of the hit thriller series Yellowjackets, you’ll remember the tantalising flashback at the end of the season which transported us to the winter of 1996. Now, with the next season set to shoot this summer, the series showrunners say Yellowjackets season 2 will bring back this chilling winter storyline and explore it in more detail.

The flashback, which was shown from the perspective of the pilot of the aircraft which crash landed, and featured the Antler Queen (Courtney Eaton) and her tribe killing and eating one of the other survivors, had audiences desperate for more. The disturbing scene concluded with a bloody ritual involving a bear’s heart and a tree-stump altar, and was a sinister taste of what’s to come as the plot thickens on the desert island.

In a recent interview with Variety, showrunners Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson revealed that Yellowjackets season 2 will indeed dig deeper into this mysterious winter storyline, despite the fact that the next season is actually being shot during the summer of 2022.

“We are definitely re-visiting the winter storyline,” Lyle said. “We’ve been calling Season 2, ‘The Winter of Their Discontent’, a nod to John Steinbeck’s book of the same name, and the line from William Shakespeare’s Richard III that the title is based on,” she added.

“We’ve been in the writers’ room for several months now, and we’re circling a late summer production start,” Lyle explained. “We will have to get very creative on a production front” she admits, in reference to the fact the show needs to be set during winter, despite being shot during the summer.

The plan was initially for Yellowjackets season 2 to hit screens at the end of 2022, but with the production set to begin this summer, that release schedule may well change.