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Jon Hamm didn’t mind keeping his shirt on for Top Gun 2

Jon Hamm has admitted to some jealousy about not getting to fly in Top Gun 2, but relief that he got to keep his shirt on during beach football

Jon Hamm in Top Gun 2

Jon Hamm was a 15-year-old boy when the first Top Gun came out, which you could argue was the prime target audience. Therefore, he did excitedly see it with friends several times, and getting the call for the sequel was an immediate “yes.” In a recent interview with Uproxx, he confesses to feeling some FOMO about not getting to fly in the movie, but relief that he got to keep his shirt on.

Speaking of being on-set around some pretty heavy-duty equipment, Hamm says; “There are some pretty impressive and humbling moments being on the set with things. We’re on an active USS Teddy Roosevelt. We’re on this active nuclear aircraft carrier with real jets on it. You know?”

Hamm didn’t want to inadvertently start World War III though; “I just wanted to make sure I didn’t step on anything or break anything or push the wrong button or start an armed conflict.” One scene in the movie is a full magic hour Tony Scott homage to the shirtless volleyball scene in the first movie, but with shirtless football on a beach this time.

Hamm says that; “I was very happy to keep my shirt and my shoes on, in that particular moment. There’s something uniquely me about being on a beach, watching the sunset in loafers and socks.” To be fair, Don Draper would probably be the same.

Regarding the fact that most of the cast were sent to elite pilot boot camp, but Hamm didn’t get to do any cool flying, he says; “It would’ve been nice, but I keep telling people it’s about 90 percent/10 percent. There’s about 90 percent relief, the fact that I didn’t have to go through all of that and get bounced around, and about 10 percent of FOMO or jealousy.”

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