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Marvel Funko Pops from the MCU Phase 4

Enjoy collecting Marvel Funko Pops? We've got a definitive list of MCU Phase 4 Funko Pops for you to use as a check list and complete your collection

Marvel Funko Pops from the MCU Phase 4. An image shows three Pop Funko figures: 50s Wanda, Spider-Man and Black Widow.

If you’re someone who wants to get their hands on the Marvel Funko Pops from the MCU Phase 4, you’ve come to the right place. We know that it’s difficult to keep track of the endless Pop Funko releases, so we’ve tried to make things easier for you with this definitive list.

So what are the latest Marvel Funko Pops? Well, every movie and TV series that’s been released as part of the MCU’s Phase 4 has had a range of Funko Pop vinyl figures to go along with it. Even though that phase only started in 2021, there have still been quite a lot of MCU releases, and each of them has had a range of Funko Pops released to tie in with it.

We’ve created a comprehensive list of all the Pop Funko figures made to coincide with Phase 4 MCU productions. It’s an awful lot of figures, so we’ve opted for a bullet point list, and included hyperlinks where we can, for anyone wanting to buy them. We’re hoping this’ll make a handy checklist for any collectors.

Instead of just one, massive, chaotic list, we’ve broken things down a little. First, here are lists of all the figures released to coincide with the fourth phase movies.

Black Widow Funko Pops

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Funko Pops

Eternals Funko Pops

Spider-Man: No Way Home Funko Pops

Next up, here are the lists of all the Funko Pop figures released to coincide with the MCU TV series of Phase 4.

Wandavision Funko Pops

Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021)

Loki Funko Pops

Marvel What If Funko Pops

Hawkeye Funko Pops

Moon Knight Funko Pops

That’s all of them for now, but we’ll be sure to update this page as more movies and TV shows are released. How many of them do you have so far? We hope your Marvel Funko Pop collection can continue to grow and thrive.

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