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Loki season 2 bringing back “the whole cast”, says Tom Hiddleston

Loki season 2 will bring back the "whole cast" including Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Owen Wilson, Jonathan Majors, and more - according to Tom Hiddleston

Loki season 2 cast all returning

Loki season 2 will bring back the “whole cast”, according to Tom Hiddleston. Hiddleston, who plays the titular god of mischief, confirmed the news on Jimmy Kimmel Live, although he kept his cards close to his chest and didn’t reveal any other details.

“So the whole cast, as we’ve learned, is returning?” Kimmel asked. “Yes,” Hiddleston replied before adding, “it’s great”. Fans may be a bit disappointed that the MCU movie star couldn’t reveal more about the upcoming season of Loki’s TV series, but we know that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios keep a keen eye on their stars to ensure no secrets are revealed.

Hiddleston presumably only felt comfortable admitting the band are getting back together because Feige had previously said the same at Disney’s Upfront in New York City. The news that Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Renslayer), Owen Wilson (Mobius), Jonathan Majors (He Who Remains), Sophia Di Martino (Sylvie), and the rest are all returning is hardly surprising, though, especially considering how the first season of Loki ended and all the loose story threads that need tying up.

The last episode saw Sylvie turn her back on Loki and kill He Who Remains. This led to the birth of the multiverse as we know it, with the TVA now powerless to stop variations from the sacred timeline and Renslayer heading off to find “free will”.

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Last we saw Loki, he’d woken up in a parallel universe where Mobius and Hunter B-15 had no memories of their season 1 adventures and a variant of He Who Remains – who resembles the comic book character Kang the Conqueror – was in charge of the TVA.

Presumably then, season 2 will see Loki adjusting to yet another reality, battling Kang, and confronting Sylvie’s betrayal. Let’s be honest, though. It’s impossible to predict anything when you’ve got a show about time travel and parallel universes.

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