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Mewtwo voice actor agrees with popular Pokémon fan theory

The actor who voiced Mewtwo in the first Pokémon movie back in 1998 agrees with a popular fan theory that believes there are multiple Mewtwos

Mewtwo Pokemon

Pokémon has been a worldwide sensation since it was first introduced as a videogame, then trading cards, and an animated series in the 1990s. The first Pokémon movie in 1998 introduced popular character Mewtwo, and there is a fan theory that has since grown up surrounding him.

Some continuity issues, voice variations, and slight differences in personality have prompted many viewers to believe there are actually multiple Mewtwos in the Pokémon universe. Actor Jay Goede voiced the character in his first outing, in 1998’s Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back, and he agrees with the theory.

In a recent interview with ILiveInDallas, Goede said; “I believe there are three actors who have done the voice of Mewtwo. I was the first in the original Pokémon film, Mewtwo Strikes Back, and then there were at least two other actors who did the voice for the subsequent films and series. I think there’s a dark version of Mewtwo out there. In my opinion, there’s two versions, a shadow one and the regular Mewtwo. One of light and one of dark.”

Despite Mewtwo and Ash meeting several times in the TV shows and movies, they don’t recognise each other and greet each other as new each time. As Mewtwo was genetically engineered in a lab, it is entirely possible that there are other clones or variations out there.

A live-action Pokémon television series is reportedly in development at Netflix, although they will probably wait and see how the big-budget live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender show fairs first. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu was a big box office hit, so it’s surprising that more movies haven’t been announced.

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