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Is Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2?

Before the Multiverse of Madness hit cinemas there were plenty of rumoured cameos here's if there was any truth to whether Deadpool is in Doctor Strange 2

Is Deadpool in Docot Strange 2? Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson and Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange

Is Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2? After several delays and a change in director, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is back in a big way. The Master of the Mystic Arts is going where no one’s ever gone before, into the multiverse – with a bit of help from newcomer America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez). Before the fantasy movie was released, there were plenty of rumours going around about who might make a cameo.

Everyone from Loki to Tom Cruise was supposed to be in the action movie. Of course, all of these rumours couldn’t be true. The film would be nothing but a line of famous comic book characters if they were all true. And while the film does introduce some new and exciting faces, some of the speculations turned baseless.

One of the more realistic predictions was that Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), would finally make his MCU debut in the film. Well, Doctor Strange 2 is now in theatres, so we can definitely answer ‘is Deadpool is in Doctor Strange 2?‘ Here’s everything you need to know about those Merc’ with a Mouth rumours.

Is Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2?

Alas, Deadpool fans Wade Wilson does not appear in Doctor Strange 2. There’s not even a mention of ‘Regenerating Degenerate’, but we do at least get a link to the X-Men movies of old. Patrick Stewart returns as one of the most venerable X-Men characters, Professor X.

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This Charles Xavier variant sports a nifty yellow hoverchair (just like the animated series version), and when he appears on screen, they play the old X-Men theme tune, which was a nice touch. Still, it’s not Deadpool, is it?

Is Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2? Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool as Wade Wilson

Why did people think Deadpool was in Doctor Strange 2?

As happened with WandaVision, Marvel fans only have themselves to blame on this one. When the initial Doctor Strange 2 marketing barrage began, they scanned the teaser poster for clues as to what might happen in the upcoming MCU movie.

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Some keen-eyed Deadpool fanatics spotted what they thought was a glimpse of Wade Wilson in the poster. This pretty patchy evidence convinced vast swathes of the fan community that Deadpool’s MCU debut was imminent. Unfortunately, they were wrong.

Is Deadpool in Doctor Strange 2? Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson and Taika Waititi as Korg

When will Deadpool make his MCU debut?

As things stand, we don’t expect Wade to appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe until Deadpool 3. We may get a cameo before then, but at this point, it seems unlikely. Deadpool has already crossed over into the MCU if you want to get technical.

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We saw the red-suited mercenary hanging out with Korg from Thor: Ragnarok back when Disney was promoting Free Guy. What do you mean that doesn’t count?

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