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We need to stop talking about Morbius or Sony will make another one

Morbius memes are coming hard and fast on Twitter and Reddit, raising fears that a sequel to the action movie might be greenlit by Sony

Jared Leto in Morbius

It’s morbin’ time, or it will be if we keep up this charade. Morbius memes are taking over the internet, making it increasingly likely that we’re going to get a sequel to the action movie.

A quick look on Twitter and Reddit will surface dozens, if not hundreds of images based on the MCU-adjacent production. These range from editing our main man Morbius into 2012’s The Avengers, subbing him in for Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk for a particular iconic moment, to some incredibly optimistic Oscar predictions. The Morbius subreddit had some of the more elaborate designs and mashups, from getting aggro about learning the film’s out of theatres, to Martin Scorsese recognising the genius of the picture.

A central theme is the catchphrase “It’s morbin’ time”. It should be noted the monster movie does not actual contain this iconic catchphrase that Morbius has never actually said before, but fans believe that a sequel with such a moment would redefine cinema. Is that a stretch? Yes. Would we like to find out what happens when Jared Leto utters those words on the silver screen? No.

It was believed that this would be the summer of Morbius. Unfortunate box office returns meant that’s not the case, but we’re having it anyway.

Check out some choice Morbius memes here:

Morbius stars Jared Leto as a vampire born from a rare blood disease. Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame is in it too, and Daniel Espinosa directed it. Our Jakob Barnes didn’t enjoy it, his Morbius review stating it’s “a car-wreck of a movie”.

Will we get Morbius 2? The way people are going about it, we just might. May Satan have mercy on our souls.