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Mike Myers’ kids really don’t like Shrek

Mike Myers has said that his kids prefer Cat in the Hat to the animated movie Shrek which shows there's no accounting for tastes I guess

Mike Myers kids hate Shrek

Shrek is a bit like parfait. Everyone loves parfait, and everyone loves Shrek. Have you ever met a person and said, ‘Let’s get some parfait and watch Shrek’, and they’ve said, ‘Hell no, I don’t like no parfait or Shrek.’? Of course not it doesn’t happen.

Or at least it doesn’t happen to many people, but one family where the Dreamworks animated movie rarely gets any airtime is Mike Myers’ house. This is quite surprising considering Myer is the man who’s voiced the not-so-jolly green ogre since his 2001 debut, but Myers has said his kids just don’t like Shrek.

“They love Cat in the Hat,” Myers told Comicbook.com. “The oldest has seen Austin Powers one. They didn’t really care for Shrek much. And it was, um, it’s absolutely true. And, but I have tough, these are tough New Yorkers… Yeah, there’s a lot of ‘Dad, that would never happen, a talking donkey would never say that’… they’re a tough crowd, but when they like something, they love it.”

Now we don’t want to be mean about Myers’ kids, but they do like Cat in the Hat more than Shrek? Do they not know that Shrek is love, Shrek is life?! The Cat in the Hat, meanwhile is high-octane nightmare fuel.

We Shrek fans have won the war because there’s more from the swamp loving ogre on the way. Shrek 5 is in development — and has been since 2018 — and while plot details are thin on the ground, we’re hoping we’ll hear more soon.

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