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Samuel L Jackson joins Chris Pratt’s Garfield movie

Samuel L Jackson has joined the cast of Chris Pratt's Garfield movie, playing the father of the famous orange feline that loves lasagna


It seems Samuel L Jackson loves lasagna and hates Mondays, because he’s joined the Garfield movie starring Chris Pratt. The Hollywood legend, who’s been in the MCU, Star Wars, and many more, has been cast in the comedy movie as a new character.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, that role is Garfield’s father. The Garfield canon is going places here, people! Jackson’s character is named Vic, and right now all we know is that he’ll be voicing the animated movie alongside Pratt, who’s the eponymous cat. Mark Dindal is directing, from a script by David Reynolds. The pair worked together before on the Disney movie The Emperor’s New Groove, each with a laundry list of credits from the House of Mouse.

Little is known about this new Garfield film beyond these four’s involvement. To be fair though, Samuel L Jackson playing Chris Pratt’s dad bodes well, if only because we hope he’s fully cantankerous. A human character, Jon Arbuckle, still has to be cast, and Odie, the loveable dog.

Garfield comes from a comic strip by Jim Davis, where the cat would laze around and make wry observations about life and his owner over the course of two or three panels. The gags are short, and usually very dry.

There have been several TV series based on the orange cat, as well as a few specials and films as well. The most famous are the pair of family movies with Bill Murray providing the voice of Garfield. It’d be a stretch to call them good, but they’re very meme-worthy.

There’s currently no release date, but we’re sure the internet will have its say whenever Pratt’s Garfield arrives.