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Masters of the Universe Netflix movie filming next year

The live-action Masters of the Universe movie will begin filming in spring of next year, say Lost City directors Adam and Aaron Nee

Masters of the Universe

A new Masters of the Universe movie may have been in development for two decades, but it’s finally picking up steam now that it’s been acquired by Netflix. The Lost City directors Adam and Aaron Nee have been attached to the He-Man fantasy action movie since 2018, which has been through several rewrites and casting changes. They have now provided an update on when we can expect filming to begin.

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe began life in the same way as Transformers, as a line of Mattel toys. It was adapted into an animated series in 1983 and a live-action movie starring Dolph Lundgren in 1987. Netflix have revived interest in the property with a couple of new animated series, including a popular She-Ra spin-off.

Netflix favourite Noah Centineo was originally slated to play Prince Adam/He-Man in the new live-action movie, but he has since been replaced by young actor Kyle Allen. Allen is known for West Side Story, American Horror Story and YA romance The Map of Tiny Perfect Things.

It had been hoped that filming would begin in Summer 2022, but the Nees have now suggested that production won’t start until 2023. They have told ScreenRant that “It’s coming along great, it’ll be next year. Coming right off of Lost City was too tight, it’s such a huge beast of a movie that it needs real prep time. So we’re working on it now and working towards it starting next spring.”

The most recent rewrite has been done by the Nees with Dave Callaham, who co-wrote Marvel’s Shang-Chi. Fans will be keen to know if She-Ra will be a part of the movie, and to find out who will be cast as Skeletor.

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