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Spiderhead trailer reveals Chris Hemsworth’s strange new Netflix movie

Judging by the Spiderhead trailer, Chris Hemsworth's new Netflix movie is going to be a strange one, and we are totally here for it

Chris Hemsworth in Spiderhead

It seems Chris Hemsworth is ready to take over the streaming service game with Netflix, as he adds Spiderhead to his upcoming movies with the platform. And, judging by the new Spiderhead trailer, this is going to be a very strange movie, but we are totally here for it.

Not content with killing it in the action movie genre for Netflix with the immensely popular Extraction, and the upcoming Extraction 2, Hemsworth now has Spiderhead set for release this summer, too. The thriller movie is directed by Top Gun 2 filmmaker Joseph Kosinski, who ironically will now have two movies releasing within a couple of weeks of each other in 2022, thanks to Covid delaying the Tom Cruise legacy sequel.

The Spiderhead trailer gives us a tantalising look at the new movie, which appears to be of a similar vibe to the sci-fi movie Ex Machina and the Netflix series Squid Game. The movie, which also stars Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett, seemingly has prisoners on an experimental island being tested on, to assess the effectiveness of strange new drugs.

Hemsworth appears to be playing against his usual likeable action hero typecast, instead being positioned as the villain of the film, in something of a crazy visionary, scientist role. The MCU actor certainly looks to be having fun, that’s for sure.

Teller and Smollett are the unfortunate inmates at the state-of-the-art facility being run by Hemsworth’s character, being plied with different drugs and watched from behind a glass screen like lab rats.

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The movie looks set to take some bold twists, full of sex, violence, blood, and a little bit of dark comedy, too. It remains to be seen what exactly the experiments are leading to, and how exactly they will go wrong, but we can’t wait to find out!

Spiderhead is set to drop on Netflix on June 17, 2022. The release date is the same in the US and the UK.