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Chris Hemsworth keeps a fake penis next to Thor’s hammer apparently

Chris Hemsworth apparently keeps a fake penis next to the hammer he uses in the Thor movies according to the make up artist who made it

Chris Hemsworth in vacation (2015)

We all keep souvenirs from our previous jobs. I, for example, have a great mug from my previous employer and a not so great hoodie that I sleep in. Of course, some people do some very cool things for a living. Chris Hemsworth, for example, is an A-list actor who’s played one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most popular characters, Thor.

As you might expect, Hemsworth has managed to get his hands on Thor’s hammer and reportedly keeps it on his mantelpiece. It’s not the only thing he keeps above his fire, though. According to make-up artist Matthew Mungle – who worked with Hemsworth on the comedy movie Vacation – he also keeps a fake penis there as well. Why? Why not.

Mungle, who’s apparently a dab hand at making fake penises, made one for Hemsworth to use in Vacation and gifted it to him after filming was done. “Production gave it to him in a shadow box, and he put it on his mantelpiece with his Thor hammer,” Mungle told This Morning. “So he’s got both hammers together.”

We bet that’s fun to explain to house guests. ‘No, it’s not a dildo. It’s actually a prop from when I worked with Ed Helms’. Anyway, there’s no official comment from Hemsworth on if the anecdote is true, plus he’s far from the only actor to take a souvenir from the set.

Aaron Paul, star of the TV series Breaking Bad made away from the set with Heisenberg’s infamous porkpie hat, while Daniel Radcliffe has a pair of Harry Potter glasses. The king of the set souvenir, though, has to be Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds.

After filming the Merc’ With A Mouth’s action movie, Reynolds took home a complete Deadpool suit. “I loved wearing [the suit], and I have run away with one,” Reynolds told MSN (via CBR). “I’ll probably get into trouble for saying that, but I’ve waited ten years to do this movie, so I’m leaving with a fucking suit.”

If you love Hemsworth, you can see him soon in the Phase 4 movie  Thor: Love and Thunder.