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Bryan Cranston was once a suspect in a murder investigation

Star of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has revealed that he was once a suspect in a real life murder case while touring America back in the '70s

Bryan Cranston was once a suspect in a murder investigation

Best known for his performance as a murderous drug dealer in the TV series Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has revealed that he and Walter White have something in common – they have both had run-ins with the law. In an interview on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor recalled when he was mistakenly a suspect in a murder investigation back in the ’70s.

While promoting his memoir in 2016, Cranston recalled the time when he and his brother took a two-year motorcycle ride across America and, while picking up a waiter job along the way, inadvertently got themselves tied to a murder investigation. “We got a job at a Polynesian restaurant called the Hawaiian Inn. At the Hawaiian Inn, we were waiters, and the head chef was a guy named Peter Wong,” Cranston explained. “Now Peter was a good chef and a horrible person.”

The actor shared that all the waiters at the restaurant used to complain about the chef and joke about killing him, as typical employees who don’t like their boss tend to do (Editor: should I be worried?). However, when Wong ended up dead around the same time the Cranston brothers had left to continue their motorcycle tour, workplace banter turned them into suspects.

The police put out APBs on the brothers’ motorcycles. However, luckily the two were proved innocent, and Cranston was free to continue his stellar acting career.

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In an episode of Hot Ones on the YouTube channel First Feast, Cranston explained what reportedly happened to Wong. “A hooker picked him [Wong] up at a dog track in Daytona and lured him home,” Cranston said. “Some other guy was waiting for him and clubbed him on the head; they shoved him in the trunk of a car.”

We are happy that the incident was cleared up, as Cranston is better suited behind the camera than behind bars. The star has recently finished work on the TV series Your Honour, and has just completed work for the comedy movie Jerry and Marge Go Large.