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The Bob’s Burgers movie may change season 13 opening, say creators

The creator of Bob's Burgers, Loren Bouchard, has revealed that the opening for Bob's Burgers season 13 may change following the events of the movie

The Bob's Burgers movie may change season 13 opening, say creators

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is a lot of things. It is a fun musical, a treat for long-time fans, but it is also the beginning of a fresh start…literally. In an interview with The Digital Fix, the creator of Bob’s Burgers, Loren Bouchard, revealed that the film’s ending is canon and will affect the series going forward – meaning the opening sequence of the TV series may change for season 13. Warning spoilers ahead!

Since its release in 2011, we have seen Bob’s Burgers have the same opening sequence. Before an episode of the animated series begins, the Belcher family stand outside their restaurant for its grand opening. However, accidents occur in the family business as the music continues, such as fire and rodent infestations. This results in the sign outside the building reading “Grand re-re-re opening” before any given episode properly kicks off.

In The Bob’s Burger Movie, the flick ends in a full-circle moment with the family once again hanging up a grand re-opening banner, this time with an additional re. It was a big moment to see the iconic banner changed, and as such, we asked Bouchard if the new banner would carry over into the upcoming opening for Bob’s Burgers season 13.

In response, Bouchard heavily hinted that the change was coming, as continuity in the world of Bob’s Burgers is something the team always considers. “Funny you should say that! We have just been discussing that. It makes sense to us,” Bouchard said.

“There’s a continuity to the show that we enter into carefully because it’s not regular continuity. It’s sort of a strange circular continuity that only makes sense, I think, if it makes sense to everyone.”

“So, we approach all those decisions with a little bit of like. It almost gets metaphysical,” he continued. “How can this be something that carries through, but other things aren’t? We like that question. Let’s put it that way.”

While Bouchard didn’t firmly confirm that the banner will change for season 13, it was implied that the future of the series would work to fit in the events seen in The Bob’s Burgers Movie, so really, it is only a matter of time before we see “Grand re-re-re-re opening” on our small screens.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is out in cinemas now.